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Hair Accessories, Saree Pins


  • Items on Sale

    Items on sale

  • Saree Pins

    Saree Pins, Peacock Saree Pins

  • Saree Broches

    Saree Broches

  • Toe or Finger Rings

    Toe Rings or Finger Rings

  • Vanki / Armlet
  • Classical Dance Jewelry

    Hair Accessories, Indian classical Dance Jewelry sets

  • Hair Clips

    Stone Hair Clips, Hair Clips

  • Waist Belts (Vaddanam)

    Waist Belts, Vaddanam , Kandora

  • Maang Tika Kundan

    An Indian traditional look is incomplete without a “MAANG TIKA”. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery worn in the middle of parting of the hair & is meant for adorning the forehead. Maang tikas are found in myriad of designs. It is usually made of an ornate chain which ends in a bejewelled pendant with tiny dangling chains, pearls or beads. In some designs, the pendant can have chains attached on both the sides.Maang Tika is an indispensable ornament for an Indian bride. With a matching necklace, dangling earrings and a gorgeous maang tika, every Indian bride looks angelic!

  • Anklets


  • Hair Pins Kundan

    Kundan Hair Pins

  • Bracelets


  • Clutches Hand Bags

    Clutches Hand Bags

  • God Idols / Figures

    God Idols / Figures for Car or Puja Mandir

  • Maatilu

    Maatilu for earrings, chain to hold the earrings

  • Mural Paintings

    A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.Some wall paintings are painted on large canvases, which are then attached to the wall.

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